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$$$ AVON $$$
Choose your hours and income. I do! 518-638-6723

We thrive in good and bad times. Dallas based company. Expanding sales over 300,000,000. Top sales able to earn over $100,000. Home based. No investment required. Free training. Products 100% guaranteed, commission & bonuses.
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PART TIME & FULL TIME POSITIONS AVAILABLE opportunity to earn $250-$500 per week. College student program available. Call 792-3197.

Start your own business Home Based, No Investment Required. FREE Training. Products 100% Guaranteed - Commission & Bonuses. Call for Interview - 1-877-610-6104.

Attention: Work from home! $500 - $2,500/mo PT, $3000 - $7,000/mo FT. Free booklet. 888-373-8744 7/19

Growing Business Needs Help! Work from home. Mail order/E-Copmmerce. $522+/wk PT. $1000 - $4000/wk FT. Free booklet. 1-888-373-4723 7/19

Stay at home & work on-line! $500 - $7,000/mo. PT/FT. Complete training, free information. 800-336-5615. 7/19

GROWING BUSINESS NEEDS HELP Work from home Mail-order/E- Commerce. $522+/week part time. $1000 - $4000/week full Time. 7/19

ATTENTION: WORK FROM HOME Mail order/E-Commerce Business. Need help immediately. PT; $1000 - $4000/wk FT Full training. Free booklet. (800) 566-6441 7/19

ATTENTION: WORK FROM HOME Our children come to work everyday. $500 - $1500 PT/ $3000 - $5000 FT. For free booklet call 1-888-300-7480. Visit www.interprising-income-com 7/19
Work from home! Earn a substantial income. Thousands of success stories. Free information. 1-800-618-1641 7/19
Earn Online! Put your computer to work. $75 - $125 hour PT/FT. Set your own hours. training provided. Free booklet. 7/19





to Get Paid $$$ to lose
up to 30 lbs. in the next 30 days.
Call Kathy 888-625-8846

Your own business & schedule.

Best One Person Business Ever! Earn $2,000/mo potential. 10 hrs/wk from home. Money Back Guarantee! Toll Free 1-877-YO-TICKETS (968-4253) Ext #612 Computer Necessary.

Attention - Work From Home. Our children come to the office everyday. Earn $500 - $1500 month PT, $3000 - $5000 FT. Free booklet (888) 300-7480. Visit:

Friendly Toys & Gifts has openings for party plan adivsors & managers! Home decor, gifts, toys, Christmas. Earn cash, trips, recognition. Free catalogue, information. 1-800-488-4875.

Growing business needs help! Work from home. Mail Order/E-Commerce. $522+ per week PT. $1000 - $4000/week FT. 1-800-580-2180

Employment! $1000 - $7000 MO PT/FT. If you must work at home. Build successful business! Free training, booklet. 800-310-5989.

Small horsemanship camp for girls in southwestern NH seeks young woman with experience around horses and the ability to teach English pleasure riding. Call 603-363-4900.

Are You The One? Auroras' Nutracueticals "Where Health Meets $Wealth". Seeks extremely motivated individuals. Turn your $1000 investment into $149,000 yearly. New optimal health & longevity products. 1-860-423-5896, 1-888-346-4636.

Help Wanted! $505 Week working with the government from home. Part time/full time. 1-888-745-3772 Ext. A4 (24 hours.)

BECOME AN IDEAL GIFTS ADVIS0R Also openings for party plan managers Free catalog - Home decor, toys, Christmas. Earn cash, trips, recognition. Information 1-800-488-4875. 7/19

Attention! International Company Expanding - PT, FT, $25-$65/hr potential. No experience necessary. Mail order. Call toll free 1-800-318-9852 7/19

AVON! LOOKING FOR A HIGHER INCOME? More flexible hours? Independence? AVON has what you're looking for. Let's talk. 1-800-942-4053. 7/19



HATE YOUR JOB? Start your own business. Home based, no investment required. Free training. Products 100% guaranteed. Commission & Bonuses. Call for interview

Want financial freedom? FORTUNE 500 company expanding in New England. Excellent training. If single mother of 6 can succeed, so can you! 1-800-707-5003, ext. 12857#. 6/21

Must have Green Thumb, Strong back and ambition. I have land, location, and barn. Please call 518-642-3572.

Easy Work! Excellent Pay! Assemble Products at Home. Call toll free 1-800-467-65566, Ext. 11581

Computer Internet People Wanted! To work online. $75 - $125 an hour. Full training. Vacations, bonuses and incentives. Bi-linguals also needed, 51 countries. Free E-Book. or call Elizabeth 1-888-701-6797.

ABC - Work From Home! Up to $1000 - $5000 month. International Company, 1-800-736-9249. www.RUDrea

No Degree Needed! We'll train you. All you need is ambition and enthusiasm. Call now 1-800-707-5003, ext. 12857#

Summer's coming! 29 People wanted to get paid $$$ to lose up to 30 lbs. in the next 30 days. Natural - Guaranteed. Call Elizabeth 1-888-701-6035

Attention: Work from home! Mail Order Business. Need help immediately. $500+/week PT. $1,000-4,000+/week FT. Full training. Free information. 1-800-310-5945

$482 - $1326 Weekly stapling our booklets from home. Not chain letter, MLM, business opportunity. Guaranteed paychecks! 24 hrs. 1-800-214-4336,. ext. 1155

AVON! Looking For A Higher Income? More flexible hours? Independence? AVON has what you're looking for. Let's talk. 1-800-942-4053.

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